About The Booklet & Author

Al Porter, Author of this Booklet and Founder of Breakthrough Ministry International

In the world, he has been a business executive with three major staffing firms, an entrepreneur, and most recently a Consultant to small businesses.

In the church, he has been a Superintendent of Sunday Schools and Youth Director in two churches and a Director of Christian Education in one of those churches.

He produced a video called “Thousands See God” for YouTube, and for the last few years he developed a ministry buying Christian CDs, DVDs, and books in bulk and distributing them to both believers and non-believers.

A God Driven Inspiration

There have been many excellent books written about the evidence of Christianity—the dating of manuscripts, prophecies, archaeological discoveries, historical findings, and so much more. I’ve read over two dozen books that featured Christian Apologetics and prophecies about the End Times, and there was so much information to absorb that I was overwhelmed at times. There is also a lack of information coming from most churches about the Book of Revelation. These factors have led me to develop this booklet/digest of 30 pages.

I felt a sense of urgency to create something simple that can go viral immediately and show that the evidence revealed from hundreds of prophecies that had 100% accuracy will enable believers to accept the fact that the remaining prophecies about the “end times” will also be 100% accurate. That means that the rapture is near according to the signs. We have to be aware and be prepared. He’s coming to get us!